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Gobichettipalayam :) October 23, 2007

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Confused… don’t be… Gobi,as people might know it better or I may like it to refer for convenience, is a small place in Erode district of Tamil Nadu. I happened to visit this place as part of my Organisational Training II, A project with Rural Innovation Network-A Chennai based organisation. I thought it would just be a visit but went on to stay for a month now and will continue doing the same for another month.

Comming back to the place itself, I had a good impression on Day 1 of my stay. It seemed to be a cleaner place than most of the rural areas I have visited (Gujarat, U.P, Punjab, etc.). Then eventually, I learnt more and here it is. Gobi is nothing more than a straight road…. hahaha…. believe me… our hotel-Vasu Palace, our office-Samruddhi, market comprising of small shops, bus stop, banks, etc. are all on a single straight road. This kept me bothering till late and then one evening I was supposed to visit few villages and shops. Will move a little away from this road at last, I thought. Hard Luck but, again our journey was only along the same straight road with a little diversion to enter the villages. Good for me though as am bad with roads and direction, so no more fumbles now.

Now time for what used to be major motivation all through my life-Food. As goes for the road, its the same for the food. I have tried 5-6 odd places. The thali or meals as they say, tastes the same where ever you go. oooohh…… sick nd tired of the flavour we decided to visit few bakery shops. Surprisingly, the cakes and the puffs whatever you eat and from which ever shop you buy, would taste the same 🙂 Vasu Palace, our dinning hub…… you have south indian, north indian, chinese (well, they are proud to have it as part of their menu)…. every thing would taste the same 😦

Now, am no good with Tamil. So whatever people say… it sounds alpha gamma beta to me. The people at office are more often than not on tours, interactions….. whats that??

Never thought how bland life can be. But Thanks to the telecom revolution- our phones work here. Talking to friends, family, near and dear ones is the only flavour that I can savour right now and hope to continue till I escape….


Life… May 19, 2007

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Life is a journey. You never know what your next destination is…It’s so unpredictable. Some times you feel you are in a topsy-turvy land. Nothing seems going the way you want it to be. Things are as difficult as they can be, but suddenly life unfolds its beauty of being uncertain. It has its own different ways miles away from what you think would be a possibility. Sometimes it shivers you with its strange trembling ways and sometimes excites you with a hope and a dream. Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. You never know what is in store for you. This keeps boredom at bay and spark creativity. As we are nothing but the common stock and it’s the lady luck who gives direction to our life and decide our fate. So we do not know anything with certainty but our dreams keep our hope alive


OT… OT… April 21, 2007

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From OTs nowhere to OTs everywhere… From I take it to you take that… From speculations to reality… From fame game to Blame game…it has been a package.The month of April in IIFM, is what I am talking about. Well, much has been talked about the OTs that I really do not want to talk more about it. But I am thrilled about my project in Chennai and the excitement that others have shown from there respective OTs.

Let’s start with my story…I was not actually sure where and what kind of project I would like to do. Then, IFMR interview happened. All went good and I was through. Was excited… really was. At the same time I was free of that speculating game. Blessed I was I thought.Well, with that started my preparations. Chennai was supposed to be a new place for me. I was coming here all alone. Bit nervous… ya agreed I was.

14th of April was the D- day. Started with packing… lots of things intervened… finally boarded the train early morning. Could not sleep the previous night so slept as soon as I settled in the train. Newspaper, coffee, bla bla… but nothing did bother me. I slept slept and slept. Then around 2 I got up… a little later I asked the boy for lunch… Madam no lunch… time over was his reply. Ooohhhh…. Damn hungry I was… did not had breakfast as well. I rushed down at

Nagpur and got myself two alloo wada and two daal wada. I was so hungry that I did not realize how the first alloo wada tasted, just gulped it. Then the second one… man it was good!!!

Now I made sure that I ordered for dinner this time. But yuks… it was bad!!! Anyways had it and off to sleep again. I reached here the very next day. And then began my tryst with Chennai 🙂


Rural Tourism March 20, 2007

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Tourism is a combination of several services where an intangible experience is being sold. Tourism has been identified as an important avenue for employment and income generation, foreign exchange earnings.

With increasing levels of awareness, growing interest in heritage and culture and improved accessibility, and environmental consciousness, a new style of tourism of visiting village settings, to experience and live a relaxed and healthy lifestyle has emerged. This concept has taken the shape of Rural Tourism.

Rural Tourismis any form of tourism that showcases the rural life, art, culture and heritage at rural locations, thereby benefiting the local community economically and socially, as well as enabling interaction between the tourists and the local community for a more enriching tourism experience.

Rural India has much to offer to the world. Every rural community is full of folklore and indigenous craft. It has diversity of culture, tradition, language, food, festivals, history, literature, art, handicraft, nature and heritage etc. Those who have a craze about traditional ways of life, arts and crafts are attracted to visit rural India. Already thousands of foreign tourists visit rural areas in Rajasthan, Gujarat and south India every year. Thus, there is a huge potential for Rural Tourism.

Rural Tourism can work wonders as far as development of rural India is concerned. It will help in capacity building of village groups. It can be used as one of the major source for generating employment and promoting sustainable livelihoods. It will also add to the foreign exchange.

For the success of this concept involvement of NGOs, local communities and artisans, strong community-private and public sector partnerships is essential. The government should develop necessary infrastructure for facilitating rural tourism. Not only this, people should be trained in different aspects of hospitability, lodging and cuisine with a view to provide services of global standards with local appeal.

Aathiti Devo Bhava” is inculcated in us or rather inherent in us. So let the world come and experience it… The traditional way of life will greatly enrich the visitor’s experience for sure!!!





When I was zapped… March 6, 2007

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Sometimes or perhaps often life unfolds strange things. Since the time I have joined IIFM peculiar things have happened to me. Some so strange that I am still unable to comprehend the W’s (why, what, where).


This time round I tried to be empathetic to one of the elite IIFMites… I whole-heartedly wished for the success of this person. I thought I was investing my time when I chatted for hours all together being an agony aunt of sorts, listening to all the confessions but then this was the reply I got-


“thank youuuuuuuu

from the deepest core of my burning nausiating stomach and from the darkest abyss of my noxious pale black heart

forever in debt of u r priceless advices and wishess




Well may be I could get it or may be not but yes I was zapped…


Few days have passed and another of the so-called elite IIFMite has again sent me the same words (barring few unintentional spelling mistakes)-


“dear——–“est”” neha,  thank u from deepest core of my burning nausiting stomach and the darkest abyss of my noxcious pale black heart that you have opened my eyes. forever indebt of ur priceless advices. “



 Am I still zapped or I pity people or I feel sorry for myself…


Still unable to comprehend…May God give me all the wisdom to do so!!!


Journey Called “LIFE” March 5, 2007

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The Journey of life starts with the carefree age of a child. There are no strings attached… no nuts to crack. It was always fun to sit in the lawn with friend that who never frowned.

Then we all grew up and life gave us tough competition.  We all were on some mission… struggle and rigour was all life had to offer. But then, the golden rule is survival of the fittest. One who has the strength to carry on can get the wings, to fly all over the world. Sky is the limit.

But that’s not the end because the horizon keeps stretching itself. Sometimes you feel you almost made it but then you realize it’s the other way round.

Years keep on passing and when your hands begin to tremble and eyes begin to dim you find yourself on a riverbank. You need someone to row your boat. You still have horizon as your destination but this time it does not extend. You reach the bank of eternal bliss. You are there where peace is… some say it is heaven!!


xams… March 1, 2007

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Just through with my mid-term exams of the third term in IIFM.

As of now there have been two terms each having two set of exams. In a span of say 8 months it was the 5th exam that we gave. huh… would be anybodies reaction.

But then its really not my reaction… coz it is the only time in IIFM that I manage to sleep for 10-12 hrs on a strech. Strange know but yes thats the way it is…. no assignments, no quizes, no classes, no worries at all.

Fresh mornings that you can cherish all your life, going to the mess with handouts in hand, gigling the way out as others feel tensed, and then the crucial golden hour before the exam…

Thats when things get on your nerves… mercury soaring up and then you realise life is so tough!!!

As paper comes in you release every thing. After an hour you are in canteen chai pe chai… preparing for another war… another exam… history repeats itself.

But then 5 ‘O’ Clock, best evenings of your life when you go for a walk with a friend to talk, ample time to hear birds chirp, to see the sun set…

I bet…

these are the best days in IIFM 🙂